Peterloo - Background

Manchester in 1819 was not represented in Parliament. Mill workers, some of eight years and younger, laboured from sun-up 'till sundown. Many died. They were on a starvation diet and the Magistrates, backed by the army and militia, took absolute control.

At a peaceful meeting attended by thousands in St. Peter's Field, Manchester, a drunken and mounted militia charged the people with sabres. 18 died and over four hundred and twenty were injured, many permanently.

Two hundred years later the battle is not won, but thanks to the reluctant martyrs of Peterloo, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

Ted Edwards

Now in 2019, 80 years old Ted Edwards has been, amongst others, a soldier, coal-miner, steelworker, teacher, pilot, explorer, trainee astronaut and cosmonaut, and a folk singer/songwriter, penning some songs that have become folk standards. He draws on the latter for the inspiration of Peterloo.

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